Galley Kitchen Remodel

It's kinda hard for me to hear some mention galley style kitchens as "just" a galley kitchen, as if they are less-than.   I understand the meaning behind the comment but they fail to communicate with words. However, I desire to gather these individuals to view the galley kitchen as I see it! 

You rarely see linear styles featured in new build McMansions and McMansions inspired homes.  Rather in our "look bigger than you really are" culture, you see more open kitchen concepts with soaring ceilings, over-sized everything, and capturing every opportunity to make this corner of the home bigger and "better."  And of course, there is nothing wrong with a large kitchen! However, my hang-ups are with builders who forsake great design to attempt grandiose style on a less-than-adequate space ratio.

There is something fulfilling about the galley layout: the simplicity of design, the straight forward practicality, the efficiency of use, and often a throw back arrangement to older homes. 

A common misconception is that one cannot achieve grand style in a galley. Just like the simplicity, structure and order we seek in most areas of life, the kitchen is no different! Think of it this way, a simple kitchen layout allows more opportunity to dress it up, customize to your needs, and give it personality!

Case and point, we just finished a fabulous galley kitchen in Lake Highlands. This kitchen was in desperate need of an upgrade in the storage and style department. Our client wanted to be rid the old white tile floor, white formica countertops, white slab front cabinets and definitely be rid of the bulk heads that consumed wasted storage space.

We took the tired and undefined kitchen, laundry and breakfast area and created a smooth flowing, seamless space that competes with the newest of kitchens. The new design utilizes all the height the room has to offer and clean lined modern elements that fit right in with the rest of the home.

We incorporated Shaker profile cabinets, modern hardware, grey granite sink, Kitchen Aid appliances, new wood floors to match the rest of the home, industrial lighting, balanced window placement, open walkways, a definedlaundry room with custom barn door, altered flow through kitchen and removed the breakfast area to utilize one large dining room instead.

We are so pleased with the results in this kitchen and wanted to share with you. Cheers to the simplistic and stylish kitchen space!