Guest Bed Room

This particular room was a guest roomI wanted this room that was welcoming and colorful.  It seems blue and specifically turquoise has invaded my designs and it has appeared in this room as well.  Its a happy color for hopefully a happy room!

Baby B Nursery

I have been excited to share this sweet little number with you all. It's a nursery that makes me want to move right in! It was a special project that NWH got to be apart of and we think it's inspiring. Gingham walls, metallic paints, snuggly soft things... Enjoy!

Photos by The Freckled Key Photography. 

Colorful Home

I am a fan of ALL kinds of design tastes. I appreciate them for what they are and what they say about their creators. But personally, I love color and my client did as well! So why not enjoy it, revel in it, play with it, and live it up! And for the record, I'm dying over the yellow door! 

Laura's Abode

This client, Laura, knew what she wanted and her confidence made her a great designer.  She has a knack for taking common and uncommon objects, items of necessity, color, texture and most importantly kid friendly elements and creating a space that welcomes adult dinners as well as munchkin chaos.