Megan's Master

At work we get the opportunity to see lots of different styles, patterns, hardware, and colors put to great use!  It's kind of a dangerous thing because we want to put all of the elements we love into action in our own personal spaces.  It's also a great benefit when planning our own projects as we get to see some of our ideas come to life in the pieces we create for our clients.

When Meagan decided to makeover her bedroom, she knew she wanted a cozy and relaxing space that wasn't too stuffy or overdone.  It was to be a haven for Saturday morning sleep-ins but put together enough that it draws one in like a favorite hotel room or bed and breakfast.

It feels a little collected with treasures and pretty things and a bit masculine with a moose head over the door.  Throw Murphy the Wheaten Terrier in the mix and you get her home, sweet home all wrapped up in one design scheme.